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At the beginning of his journey, the tenor of his narrative is low-key that is, Harker records what he contemplates, what he sees, and what he eats (in regard to the latter, he jots off a couple of reminders to himself to obtain certain recipes for his fiancée, Mina Murray).

Sexual relations with unknown women were regarded to be banned in the Victorian age and any sort of sexual desires and experiments mainly existed in the thoughts of people and in the fantasies. The human sexuality which was restricted by social norms made people vulnerable to the evil of Dracula and vampires as most of them couldnt control their behavior in the situation when women suggested them sexual affairs. These are the words Harker describes one of the three Dracula vampires: Finally, Jonathan can no longer deny the supernatural nature of what is happening in the castlealthough still, he does not use the word vampire, nor does he often name the events explicitly as supernatural. Still, the reader is always one step ahead of Jonathan. When Dracula enthusiastically recounts the military exploits of his ancestors, an observant reader might wonder if the immortal vampire is talking about his own military exploits. Jonathan still seems strangely out of touch with the extent of the danger he faces and the danger Dracula would be if he were to move to England. He also says that he must carry out the deal made by his employer, as if he does not fully understand that his life is in peril and that the deal, when considering Dracula's demonic status, is unethical.

The use of shorthand to baffle the Count illustrates the theme of conflict between the East/West, supernatural/scientific, old/new, as a modern invention is an unbreakable code for the ancient vampire. Notice that part of Jonathan's immersion in the world of Dracula's castle was his adaptation to a nocturnal schedule. Jonathan was beginning to sleep during the days and wake for the nightshis adaptation shows the signs of a kind of travel. Part of travel is adjusting to new time zones and schedules. Travel here involves adjusting for the "time zone difference" not only between England and Romania, but also between the living and the dead. For escape to be possible, Jonathan has to revert to the sleeping schedule of the livingonly daylight can provide him safe cover for escape, allowing him to return to the world of the living. Writers should keep out anything particularly personal that could be difficult or too much information for the reader. Do not include anecdotes. Because the essay is designed to be short and sweet, the writer should go through the writing and take out any extraneous information or run-on sentences.

Bram Stoker plays with these anxieties revolving around female sexuality he follows the gothic tradition of innocent damsel in distress against looming evil. The narrative structure Stoker imploys to the text through intertextuality reveals multiple point of view distinguishing a duality in Lucy - her true self and 'thing'. In order to cope with Lucys worsening condition, the male authoritative figures Before Jonathan leaves, he notices that a number of the peasants are watching him with apprehension. Although he cannot understand much of their language, he can make out the words for devil, Satan, werewolf, and vampire. The peasants make motions at him to protect him from the evil eye. On the carriage ride, his fellow passengers, on learning where he is going, treat him with the same kind of concerned sympathy, giving him gifts and protecting him with charms. The ride is in wild and beautiful country. The carriage driver arrives at the Borgo Pass an hour early, and in bad German he then tries to convince Jonathan that Dracula's coachman might not come tonight, and Jonathan should come with the rest of them to Bukovina.

The story of Dracula is well documented and has stood the test of time since its Victorian age creation. More times than not, literature writings are a reflection of the era from which they are produced. In the case of Dracula, Vampire literature expresses the fears of a society. Which leads me to the topic I chose to review: sexuality. The Victorian Era was viewed as a period diluted in intense sexual repression and I believe that Dracula effectively exploited this as the fear of sexuality was The child is smothered in a bag and referred to as "dreadful". The child was apparently am offering from Dracula to the three female vampires in order to leave Harker alone. The presentation of Good vs. Evil is one of the main themes in the novel, Dracula. The portrayal of good and evil is seen in each character throughout the book. The characters considered evil in the novel are Dracula and his vampire brides. Dracula converts humans into vampires and has immense power over certain individuals. Everything he does demonstrates that there is no good in him at all.

Jonathan 's meeting of the three female vampires I was afraid to raise my eyelids, but looked out and saw perfectly under the lashes. The girl went on her knees, and bent over me, simply gloating. There was a deliberate voluptuousness which was both thrilling and repulsive, and as she arched her neck, she actually licked her lips like an animal () Obviously, we see that according to the description of the vamp women, they embodied the most wild fantasies and desires of Victorian men as they were voluptuous and aggressive, their beauty and inner freedom of course created the promise of the possible sexual course. But at the same time sexual beauty of such women was dangerous for the Victorian age men as they were likely to lose control and stop reasoning logically under the charms of the vampires. The topic of sexuality is the central one in the fight of good with evil in Stokers Dracula, as we see how the magic of Dracula influences the behavior of women, turning them into those who seek sexual desire and intimacy with men. Dracula uses the conservative morals of Victorian age in fulfilling his dirty plans of turning people into embodiment of evils and vampires.

Many modern literary essays are quite long with thousands of words. Although it is not a requirement, most literary essays contain three basic parts: an introduction, the body of the essay and a conclusion. While sometimes criticized for being too restrictive, many literary essays organize their information into five paragraphs. Following this model, the first paragraph is the introduction, the final paragraph is the conclusion and the three paragraphs in the middle contain the body of the piece. Is considered as one of the main features of gothic novels. According to this, the development of the differentiation between outside and inside has encountered two periods, using vampire gothic novels as examples. Firstly, in the novel Dracula, Count Dracula is defined as the outside, who yet reflects some human tendency and instinct. Secondly, using the novel Interview with the vampire as an example, the introspective vampires like Louis are considered as the inside, who symbolize modern Prey is an obvious it depends how you use it word, but how Bram Stoker uses it in Dracula is truly evil. Although Bram Stoker uses the word prey figuratively through Dracula, when used literally it is at its most chilling.

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At that moment, a fearsome-looking coachman arrives on a vehicle pulled by coal-black horses. One of the passengers whispers, "for He rebukes the carriage driver, and brings Jonathan onto the coach. The final part of the trip is terrifying. The moon is bright but is occasionally obscured by clouds, and strange blue fires and wolves appear along the way. On several occasions, the driver leaves the coach, at which point the wolves come closer and closer to the vehicle. Whenever the driver returns, the wolves fleethe final time this phenomenon occurs, it seems that the wolves flee on the driver's command. The chapter ends with Dracula's castle coming into view, its crumbling battlements cutting a jagged line against the night sky. Bram Stoker creates a well written novel that engages the reader. He designs this novel to contain several techniques which bring character and originality to his writing. Bram Stoker refers to an abnormal character appearance in his work to convey his messages in a mysterious manner to the readers. Meanwhile, Stoker properly establishes the mythology of vampires to help readers appreciate, interpret and analyze the elements of vampirism more efficiently.

My arms are hungry or you. Come, and we can rest together. Come, my husband, come! () Traits to women without either turning them into the Un-Dead or fragmenting them into disembodied physical features. Sexuality, then, is not associated with real women but rather with debased aberrations of the category of woman. (3). Of course, Dracula had to be prevented from assailing other vulnerable young Englishwomen, but it had to be done because Englishmen could not count on their countrywomen to be strong enough to deter the menace on their own. The men save England from an invading peril Jonathan retires to his room but only sleeps for a few hours. He uses his own small mirror to shave, and when the Count approaches Jonathan from behind Jonathan realizes that the Count has no reflection. Startled, he cuts himself with the razor. He checks again to be sure, and still the Count's image is absent from the glass. On seeing the blood dripping from Jonathan's cut, the Count seems to become possessed, clutching Jonathan around the throat, growing calm again only when his hand touches the beads of Jonathan's crucifix.

In Dracula multiple vampires drank human blood, and one was even using children As the saying goes, Women can do everything Men can do. In the Gothic Novel Dracula by Bram Stoker, there is a constant theme of sexuality, from both male and females in society. In the Victorian era, the roles of male and females have caused a lot of tension. After reading Dracula, some would argue the roles men and women hold in society. As mentioned in Dr. Sewards Dairy from Val Halsing. , Ah, that wonderful Madam Mina! She has mans braina brain that a man should have were he much giftedand The novel's description of Dracula is fully in line with the superstitions surrounding the vampire: super-strong, cold to the touch, sharp-toothed, pointy-eared, shockingly pale. Jonathan also describes the more ordinary elements of Dracula's appearanceStoker was keenly interested in physiognomy, the pseudo-science that sought to classify personality types by features of the head and face. Later on in the novel, Dracula's physical appearance is used as proof that he has a "child-brain," the imperfectly developed mind of a criminal.

Although they cannot understand each other's languages and must communicate in German, the innkeeper passively tries to stop Jonathan by pretending not to understand his requests for a carriage to the Borgo Pass. The landlord's wife more aggressively tries to dissuade Jonathan, warning him that tomorrow is St. George's Day, and at midnight on St. George's Eve evil is at its strongest. When he insists that he must go, she gives him a crucifixJonathan accepts the gift, even though, as an English Protestant, he considers crucifixes idolatrous. AntiStudy offers free cliff notes, book summaries, and essays to help students with their test preparation and essay writing. Taken from the May 5th, 7th, and 8th entries of Jonathan Harker's journal. Jonathan is dropped off at the great castle of Dracula, where, he is welcomed by the Count himself. The Count is a tall old man, with a white mustache, dressed all in black. Despite the Count's apparent age, during their handshake Jonathan notices that the Count's grip is unbelievably strongand that his hand is as cold as a corpse.

Stoker is using prey commonly like anybody in our modern times would. Saying that something is preying at ones mind or like a nag in more subtle terms. For example, in chapter nine Dracula has already been in London for a minute, and has sadly latched on to the beautiful The place of women is always a difficult thing to talk about because of its overly sexist views towards how the females are meant be act like or be like How there are supposed to get married be a housewife and please the man whenever he wants Even though in the book Dracula the women arent housewives they still have a very similar place in the book They are viewed as sexed up slaves and mindless victims I have always thought that a wild animal never looks so well as when some obstacle of pronou Start of the book where they tried to make up a rational solution to make this all seem like it wasnt real, to actively fight against the evil they had so vehemently protested against existing. Bram stokers 19th-century fictitious Gothic novel 'Dracula ' is incredibly complex with many different characters from the meek and underestimated Mina, to the courageous and respected Van Helsing. Draculas castle was just the beginning of what was to come.

Was the book. I did watch eleven of the thirty-three Dracula movies that I own, so some references will be made to the movies. The book is told from the perspective of Jonathan Harkers journal, with some letters to and from his girlfriend Mina. The purpose of his visit with Count Dracula is that Harker is selling a building to Dracula. Carfax Abby was in England where Dracula wanted to move. Harker went to Transylvania to assist Count Dracula in his move to England. Although Harker was the protagonist Of the brightest episodes of the success of Draculas magic is his ability to turn Victorian pure women into vampires. Both Lucy and Mina have nothing similar to any human evils but under the magic of Dracula they, in past pure and chaste women who are devoted to their men, turn into sexual pleasure seeking vampires. Bram Stoker marks such voluptuous behavior as immoral. The behavior of Lucy stands for that: She still advanced, however, and with a languorous, voluptuous grace, said:Come to me, Arthur. Leave these others and come to me.

His vampire brides assist to Draculas dark deeds. What they all have in common is that they prey upon The writer should keep the essay short and simple for it to be the most effective for the reader. This essay serves as a basic introduction into a person's history with the subject (if it were assigned by a math class, a person would write about experiences with math) and insight into a person's abilities and personality. Depending on who assigned the essay, the writer will want to include different things: They can mention where they are from, their age, and whether they are in school for something. Include socialization habits does the person like working with people? Is socializing difficult? The writer should talk about what they hope to get out of the class program, and why they joined. Another topic is likes and dislikes about the subject. In Victorian society, women had the choice between two roles: the pure woman or the fallen woman.

The theme of the conflict between rationality and superstition, English thinking and Eastern world, continues. Although Jonathan is filled with an increasing sense of unease, he never once uses the word "vampire" in this chapter, nor is he able to make the leap to see Dracula for what he is. He takes comfort in the English books of the library, a little piece of home in this strange land, and he also takes comfort in discussing the specifics of real-estate deals with the Count. Dracula is a book written by Bram Stoker. The Dracula literature essays are academic essays for citation. These papers were written primarily by students and provide critical analysis of Dracula. Submission. Hyper-exaggeration would make it appear that England had intentionally colonized Ireland with the intent of ruining their culture. Bram Stokers Dracula looks at these three events from the perspective of an entity that no one doubts is evil. Dracula is a representation of the kind of evil that likes to watch the world burn. Dracula instigates all of these events for the joy of watching what happens afterward.

According to author Mathias Clasen a vampire is a supercharged predator, As his journal entries continue, Harker continues to record the details of the exotically spiced meals which he dines on, plus descriptions of the many old castles which he sees perched atop steep hills in the distance. The train dawdles on through the countryside, and Harker continues to describe the colorfully costumed peasants whom he sees; he is especially fascinated by the local garb of the swarthy, rather fierce looking men of the region, for they remind him of bandits, but he says that he has been assured that they are quite harmless. Heart grew cold as ice, and I could hear the gasp of Arthur, as we recognized the features of Lucy Westendra. Lucy Westendra, but yet how changed. The sweetness was turned to adamantine, heartless cruelty, and the purity to voluptuous wantonness. (Stoker 248-249) In this passage in chapter 16, John, Professor Van Helsing and Lucys late fiancé Arthur, finally see the New Woman that Lucy has become. This is the The landlord and his wife are visibly distressed by Jonathan's intentions to go to Dracula's castle.

He cryptically warns Jonathan not to cut himself and then throws the mirror from the window. Jonathan expresses annoyance at the loss of the mirror, wondering how he is to shave without it. A literary essay is a short, non-fiction composition that covers virtually any literary topic imaginable. Authors sometimes write literary essays for reading pleasure rather than to convey a message, and students are often assigned literary essays to assess their knowledge of books or stories they read. Made people fear them by terrifying his readers with his persona Dracula. The Count has been known to be a very complex character with many odd quirks and traits. Nowadays these have been changed or kept by our new generation of authors to fit different types of bloodsuckers, but Dracula has been the starting point for all. All vampires have the craving for the blood of humans. Without this blood they could not survive.

Considering in detail one or two passages, discuss ways in which Stoker's descriptions of settings contribute to the effectiveness of Dracula Alex Edmiston

Jonathan continues to have the same block: he observes remarkable phenomena, but he cannot put them together. Jonathan writes in his journal that he fears that he might be the only living soul in the castle, but he also insists that he will only write facts because he must not let a wild imagination get the better of him. The shaving incident seems the strongest example of Jonathan's cluelessness: Dracula has no reflection, lunges at the sight of blood, and retreats at the touch of a crucifix. Yet, rather than realize fully the danger that Dracula represents, Jonathan complains about the loss of his mirror! He continues to cling tenaciously to the supposedly rational and civilized world of England; this clinging is represented by his delight at finding the English books in the library. A bit of irony comes when the gift of the superstitious and ignorant peasant woman possibly saves Harker's life. As his supposed rationality renders him incapable of understanding the danger he is in, a bit of superstition (and an idolatrous bit, by the standards of enlightened English Protestants) is his only protection.


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